The day I ran away

scriptwriter | producer | director


2016 | 6’10 | Drama - Comedy

Color | French (Quebec accent)

Written by Céline France

With Carmen Sylvestre, Hélène Roy, Guillaume Gauthier, Joseph Martin et Melissa Larivière

Synopsis : Raymonde, 70 and Pascale, 72, run away from their elderly home to find some pot. A run who ends up by a touching confession from Pascale...

Cinematography by : François Messier-Rhéault

Editing by : Arthur Couka

Music : BLISS

Production : Kino’00 | ChiAra Prod

A word from Céline France :

Leave, live, feel... without limits, taboos, ages ...

Two women, two friends, two lonely souls ... face to the life.

Following their differences...

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